ADDIE Design:
Devise an Instructional Strategy

Learning Objective: The learner will be able to state why it is important to develop an instructional strategy and what item should be taken into account.

Having developed objectives and established how to measure the acquired knowledge, it is necessary to devise an appropriate instructional strategy to maximize the learning effectiveness. This is the time to brainstorm about alternative way to attain the desired behavioral change in the learners. Among the things to consider are different instructional methodologies, techniques to reinforce and remediate, and the exploration of different motivational techniques.

As you brainstorm do create storyboards as they are instrumental in making you aware of how the course will flow and how your proposed approach and techniques will play in the course or training.

Current trend in online teaching make use of reusable learning object. Each learning object consists of an objective, instructional content (including appropriate media), assessment of the instruction, and references.

The instructional segment of every object should take into account:
  • Pedagogical/andragogical issues.
  • The media available
  • How to produce interaction
  • How to insure the objective is met and a measurement

Start with the Learning Objective. Analyze the alternative ways in which the knowledge or skill being taught can be most effectively transferred to the learners. Techniques may involve the use of text, graphics, streaming video, streaming audio, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, e-books, multiple choice questions, simulations, self-paced lessons, interaction via forums, audio-graphic exchanges, and even online chat or live cams. Any combination of technology or synchronous vs. asynchronous approaches is valid.

Learning Objects should be re-usable as this might save you future development time and money. To make Learning Objects re-usable they must be self standing and transferable (For more on Learning Objects and their re-usability see the Learning Objects section of this site).

A few tips for the development of Learning Objects:

  • Each Learning Object should have a clear objective.

  • For each learning object determine the preferred teaching strategy which is to be followed by instructors.

  • Build in efficiency and effectiveness, everything in the Learning Object should be teaching to the objective.

  • State clear guidelines for your content (length, style, media, etc.) and if you are collaborating with subject matter experts take time to train them so you get compliant content.

  • Enforce your standards as you must keep the instruction on task teaching to the objective in self standing modules (learning objects), with appropriate measurement of skills acquired (criterion reference).

  • Meet the standards, no compromise.

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